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Meeting & Conference Room Sound Masking
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Keep Private Meetings Private!

Introducing the Qt Conference Room Edition, a Speech Protection System designed for conference and board rooms.

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Qt® Conference Room Edition

Keep private meetings private

The Qt Conference Room Edition from Cambridge Sound Management is a cost-effective solution specifically designed to protect the speech privacy of conversations in conference and board rooms.

All-in-one solution for conference room privacy

The Qt Conference Room Edition consists of a control module, two lighted privacy signs, and a series of direct-field sound masking emitters. When a room occupant turns on the control module inside of the conference room, it powers the sound masking emitters placed in the ceiling just outside of the conference room. The emitters add a low level of background sound making human speech less intelligible. Lighted privacy signs inside and outside of the conference room indicate the system is running, and let conference room occupants know their conversations are being protected.

Easy to retrofit into existing conference rooms

Often overlooked in conference room design and construction is the potential for private conversations to travel easily under, over, or even through walls and doors. In fact, according to a recent study fifty-three percent of support staff workers have overheard confidential conversations at work. Install the Qt Conference Room Edition today to ensure your private meetings remain private.

Simple Operation

Meeting occupants can easily turn the system on and off with the push of a button

Corporate Design

Premium, minimalist design style seamlessly fits in with other conference room AV equipment

Environmentally Efficient

Energy efficient and consumes less than 7 watts of power

Turnkey Solution

Out-of-the-box support for conference rooms with up to 40 ft (12 m) of exposed wall

Piece of Mind

Control module and privacy signs provide clear indication that the system is activated

Flexible & Intuitive

Can be turned on and off for meetings or left running at all times

Easy Install

Straightforward, low-impact installation

Scaleable Technology

Option to add additional emitters for larger areas