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Meeting & Conference Room Sound Masking


What is the Qt Conference Room Edition?

The Qt Conference Room Edition (QtCRE) is a cost-effective solution specifically designed to protect the speech privacy of conversations held in conference or board rooms. The QtCRE helps companies make sure private meetings remain private.

How does the system protect meeting privacy?

The QtCRE emits a gentle background sound just outside of the conference room that makes human voices unintelligible. This masking affect ensures conversations that take place in the room can’t be overheard by people outside of the room.

What does the QtCRE include?

The QtCRE includes a control module which is placed inside the conference room, two lighted privacy signs, eight Qt® Emitters, cable for the signs and emitters, mounting kits for the controller and signs, and a hole saw for emitter installation in acoustic ceiling tile only. Additional hardware is required for mounting in other ceiling types.

Are Qt Emitters placed inside or outside the conference room?

The Qt Emitters are placed outside the conference room. This is done in order to mask conversations taking place inside the conference room, reducing the ability of those outside to overhear those conversations.

What does the QtCRE actually sound like?

The sculpted sound emitted from Qt Emitters is barely noticeable and sounds much like airflow. The sound is specifically engineered to reduce the intelligibility of speech – while being gentle to the ears.

How many emitters are required for my installation?

A typical installation uses two rows of emitters placed using Cambridge Sound Management’s standard placement guidelines. Emitters are placed near party (adjacent) walls that are prone to transmitting sound. In cases of particularly transmissive walls, amplified sound within the conference room, or a highly reflective space outside the conference room, four rows of emitters are recommended.

What is the purpose of the two privacy signs?

The two signs light up when the system is active, confirming for room occupants that their privacy is protected as well as alerting those outside the conference room that the system is on and functioning. The signs blink while masking level is ramping up, and then shine steadily while the system is operating at the predetermined “high” masking level.

Do I have to use the two privacy signs?

The signs are not required for operation of the speech protection system. However, they are intended to assure users that the system is operating and it’s highly recommended that they are used.

Should I use this system if my facility already has sound masking?

A facility with a fully functional sound masking system–one which includes sound masking directly outside a conference room protecting the privacy of room occupants–does not require an additional Qt Conference Room Edition.

Can the system be controlled by a third-party automation system?

Yes. The system can be controlled via a Crestron, AMX, or other control system in-room via contact closure.

How much power does it take to run the system?

The system is very energy efficient. When running, the entire system uses less than 7 watts.

Can the QtCRE run 24 hours a day, or should it be turned on only during meetings?

The QtCRE can be run 24 hours a day, or only turned on during meetings at the discretion of the room occupants. The system is very versatile and can be used whenever desired.

What adjustments options do conference room occupants have?

User control is extremely simple – select ON or OFF, as well as NORMAL or LOW sound masking levels. Privacy is ensured by the NORMAL level. When the system is not in use, optionally the LOW level may be used rather than OFF.

Will this system prevent the people inside the conference room from overhearing
conversations and other sounds outside the room?

No, the system does not produce sound inside the conference room, so room occupants may be able to hear something from ‘spilling’ in from the outside. The purpose of the system is to prevent people outside the room from hearing private conversations occurring inside the conference room.

Will this system interfere with the other equipment present inside the conference
room or office?

No. The Qt Conference Room Edition’s emitters are installed outside the conference room, protecting the privacy of the conversation inside the room. The sound will not interfere with the normal operation of equipment within the conference room. QtPro™ systems are in operation in hundreds of millions of square feet of open office space throughout the world, including the offices of over 40% of the Fortune 100, with no adverse affects on the operation of office equipment, phones, etc.

How many zones of control does this control module cover?

This control module provides a single controllable zone of speech privacy protection. Facilities requiring multiple zones should consider a QtPro sound masking system.

What square footage can be handled by the base system?

The base system includes 8 emitters, allowing for coverage across and up to 40 linear feet (12 m) of exposed wall, assuming a typical 2-row installation. Add emitter/cable four-packs to expand the system’s coverage as needed. A maximum of 60 emitters per cable run is available.

Is this control module wall or rack mounted?

This control module is meant to be wall mounted directly into the wall in the conference room. Mounting options include a dedicated flush mount kit or an adaptor suitable for a 4-gang box (3-gang in Europe/UK). Surface mounting is also an option. There is no rack mounting kit included with this device. Rack mounting can be accomplished by mounting the controller to a blank 3 space rack mount panel. (supplied by others – not included)

How are the privacy signs mounted?

The privacy signs can be mounted directly to a wall or glass using the included self-adhesive pads. In the case of glass, a hider panel is included for the reverse side of the pane. Also included is an adaptor plate for a 1-gang box (North America or EU/UK style).

What installer-adjustable options does the system have?

During post-installation commissioning, the installer will set the sound masking audio levels, ramp-up and ramp-down times and optionally, a lock-out of the front panel when 24/7 always-on operation is desired.